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We produce a wide range of plastic card products, below is an overview our main products.
Gif Cards

Gift Cards

An attractive and versatile product for businesses increase sales revenue.

Our solutions have benefited many retailers across Europe and are fully and easily merchandised so that they can be located anywhere in store to maximise impact.

Benefits include theft protection for retailers with register based activation and online use with the added security via unique code and scratch off panels. Gift cards offer a flexible and convenient product choice that avoid unnecessary product returns to the store.

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Loyalty Cards

A very effective solution to increase revenue, attract and retain customers.

Loyalty cards will not only generate revenue and reinforce your brand’s value proposition, it also gives you the ability to track your customers spending habits and grow your database.

Our expertise with loyalty cards spans numerous markets and includes our data management and distributions capabilities.

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Membership Cards

A definite benefit for any organisation, professional association or club.

Membership cards make your customer feel part of the team and many people will keep these cards forever. A great way to make a lasting impression with any new, current or potential members.

We also offer comprehensive card personalisation, direct mail programs, mailing and database management services to ensure a seamless, fast and accurate delivery of cards directly to your members.

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Key Cards

Plastic key lock cards are durable, fast, easy and safe to use.

Using high quality lithographic printing systems, our cards support just about any standard magnetic strip based lock system including, Saflok, Ving and Tesa.

Our access control cards are over laminated to protect the printing and enhance the durability of the magnetic strips. On top of this the cards meet all ISO and lock system specifications

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Key Fobs & Tags

Now it’s easy for customers to carry your brand with them all the time.

Enhance customer retention by allowing for transactions to be quickly recorded with the scan of a unique bar code. Ideal for gyms and loyalty programmes in pharmacies, supermarkets and other retailers.

All number of options can included from matching account numbers to print attachments. Can be supplied attached to a customer application form ready for use.

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Promo Cards

Our low cost promo/ad cards are an effective, high quality and premium advertising item.

Promo/Ad Card campaigns can increase customer frequency, spending and acquisition.

Working as a mini billboard these cards serve as a permanent reminder of your product or service.

Cards are also ideal also for quick reference guides, emergency numbers card or medical condition alert cards.

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Identity Cards

We offer a complete range of solutions to produce identity cards that are tamper and counterfeit resistant.

Professional ID cards will enhance your company’s public image and using production options such as holograms and security inks, to name but a few, cards can be produced that require the simple supply of a logo, staff data and photos.

We also supply systems for personalisation of pre-printed card as well as secure production ID cards from database files or even application forms

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